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How the Book Tracker for Notion Makes Every Book Achievable

Philipp Stelzel - Digital Creator
3 min readFeb 15, 2024


I assume you’re an avid reader like me, or at least you want to be, because just as with eating, where the appetite is often bigger than the stomach, our reading goals regularly surpass our reading leisure.

In my case, this was evidenced by mountains of unread books that used to lie scattered all over my apartment.

Typically, I would start reading a book, lose interest over time, and set it aside, where it would gather dust as a monument to my reading ambitions and make me feel guilty whenever I looked at it with remorse.

Over the years, I realized that reading more complex books should be approached similarly to working out at the gym:

Systematically and regularly.

This means:

  • Planning reading time: Reserve fixed times in your calendar for reading.
  • Setting achievable goals: It’s psychologically advantageous to break down the reading workload into smaller sections and goals, as long books can be intimidating. Therefore, break down large reading goals into smaller segments. For example, if you want to read a 1000-page book in a month, plan to read 33 pages a day.
  • Creating a reading list: The YouTuber…



Philipp Stelzel - Digital Creator

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