Creating a Habit Tracker Template in Notion

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Hi, it’s Philipp again.

I had been busy the last weeks building my newest class on Skillshare.

Today, I’m excited to invite you to my in-depth, 21-lesson course that spans over 90 minutes. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to build an advanced Notion habit tracker from scratch.

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Why did I create this class?

Recently, I had an eye-opening discussion with the Notion Consultant Daniel Conosa that inspired the creation of this class.

He suggested that selling Notion templates might not be as impactful as I thought, as most users don’t fully utilize them.

“There is no sense in buying a template if I don’t understand its functionalities.”

This conversation really got me thinking. I realized the real value lies not just in providing ready-made workspaces but in empowering users to create and customize their own. That’s why I decided to shift my focus from merely selling templates to teaching the skills needed to build advanced, personalized workspaces in Notion.

In this class, we’ll dive into:

  • Crafting a Vision Board
  • Developing a Habit Tracking Database
  • Setting up Daily Ratings
  • Creating an Analytics Area

You’ll also master advanced Notion features like buttons, templates, managing recurring habits or tasks, and understanding database relations.

This class is tailored for those who have a basic to intermediate grasp of Notion, but it’s structured in a way that makes it accessible and beneficial for learners of all skill levels.

By the end of the class, you’ll be equipped to independently create and customize your own habit tracker in Notion, harnessing these advanced features to boost your productivity.

Enroll now and start your Notion creation journey tomorrow!

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Best, Philipp



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