Fight Addictions in Notion

The Addiction Compass Template

Habit trackers are among the most popular Notion templates.

While most habit trackers for Notion help you build new habits, they forget about one important thing:

Helping you to get rid of bad habits.

The majority of people need to free themselves from negative routines aka addictions first before they can start implementing positive practices.

In moderation, most practices are fine. The dose makes the poison.

Habits become problematic when they are compulsive. When this happens, they prevent us from using our time efficiently and realizing our true potential.

This is the reason why I have recently built the Addiction Compass. This Notion template helps you develop a personal strategy to fight against negative habits and addictions like the consumption or usage of

  • Weed,
  • Nicotine,
  • Alcohol,
  • Social Media
  • Gambling,
  • Gaming,
  • POM
  • etc.

It provides you with an advanced system built in Notion to help you break free from your addictions and regain control over your life.

What are Addictions?

An addiction is a condition in which a person becomes physically or psychologically dependent on a substance or activity. Addictions can be related to a variety of substances, including alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, as well as behaviors like gambling, shopping, watching adult videos or overeating.

People who have an addiction often feel a strong craving for the substance or activity and may feel unable to control their behavior around it. They may continue to engage in the substance or activity despite negative consequences, such as problems with relationships, work, or health. Addiction can have serious physical and mental health consequences and can be difficult to overcome without help.

How to use the Notion Addiction Compass Template?



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