How to Integrate Icons into Notion?

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In this article, we will explore Notion Icons.

Let’s start with the fundamental question: What is an icon?

Icons are pictograms. They are symbols that represent something — take, for instance, a megaphone, which often stands for marketing or advertising. Or the light bulb: It symbolizes knowledge and information.

Icons facilitate communication, as we humans as visual beings process images faster than text.

Notion has embraced this visual language and now offers its own icons to not only make Notion workspaces more organized but also aesthetically enhanced.

Initially, only emojis were usable in Notion; while they are helpful in digital communication, they can sometimes appear a bit childish. Therefore, users started to upload individual graphics or include them via links years ago.

This was already easy to do in Notion back then, and this option is still available today: simply click on the Custom tab in the emoji menu and insert a link to a graphic or upload your own graphic.

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With an update about a year ago, Notion introduced its own icons — including a selection of 10 different colors.

Users can now use icons on individual pages as well as in databases — even properties and database views can be enhanced with icons.

How to add icons to a Notion page:

Above the title of the page, you will find the option “Add Icon”. A left click brings you to the emoji menu. In the tab, you will also find options for Icons and Custom Uploads. If you select Icons, a list of all available symbols will appear. You can also filter icons using search terms to find relevant results more quickly for your purposes. When you select an icon, a color selection will also appear. You can choose from Notion’s 10 design colors.

For more color variety, you would need to rely on individual icons.

How to add icons to a Notion database:



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