Midjourney tested in foreign languages

Exploring the Challenges of Using Non-English Prompts


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As you already know, Midjourney is an AI program that can create images from written descriptions (prompts).

A prompt refers to a short text command that is interpreted by the Midjourney bot to generate an image. The bot breaks down the words and sentences in a prompt into smaller parts known as tokens. These tokens are then compared to the bot’s training data and used to create an image.

So far, I have always written my Midjourney prompts in English. However, I am now wondering if it would be better to input them in German instead. After all, German is my native language, and I can probably express myself better in it and use a richer vocabulary. That should lead to better results, right?

But the question is: will Midjourney understand me when I switch languages and input my commands in German?

For my test, I have translated an English prompt into German and will now see how closely the results match the original.

Comparison — Midjourney in English vs. German

First things first:

Midjourney understands commands in other languages such as German. Theoretically, you could even speak in Chinese or Swahili with the tool.

To understand this, you must note that Midjourney does not really understand languages. It can only detect statistical correlations to certain keywords and generate images based on the training data, provided that there is training data available for the language.

For the test, I was using the following prompt:

“Nikon D850 DSLR 85 mm F 1.8 lens of an old male lion running aggressively through a wild west town, sunset lighting, blue, orange, extreme bokeh — v 5”

In the English original, it leads to the following result:



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