My Toxic Relationship with X (Twitter)

Philipp Stelzel - Digital Creator
3 min readApr 24, 2024

Last week, I deleted X from my phone three times.

Today, I reinstalled it.

My relationship with X is toxic.

Like in any toxic relationship, I remain trapped because it’s not solely negative. I’ve also experienced beautiful moments in this relationship, though those memories are from a while back.

However, I haven’t given up hope that it could be like before, that we could be happy again like in the old days.

Back then, I thought X made me a better person, helping me network, build a successful business, become one of those cool influencers.

In the early years, being active on X really felt like time well spent.

Within a few months, I was making money from digital products and growing my email list. I made connections with other creators in countries like Germany, India, or South Africa.

Today, this feels like a different era. When I spend time with X, I feel like a zombie. I scroll aimlessly, watching content that holds no value for me, listening to anonymous accounts tell me I’m a failure because I still don’t drive a Bugatti, still pay taxes, don’t live in Dubai, or haven’t fathered 5 children with 5 different women.



Philipp Stelzel - Digital Creator

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