Stoic Life Journal by Pascio — Honest Template Review

Is This The Best Journaling Template For Notion?


Journaling is a great practice for improving mental health and well-being:

Bringing your thoughts on paper throughout the day:

  • curbs stress & anxiety
  • tracks progress & growth
  • and increases your communication skills by clarifying your thoughts

No wonder journaling is becoming more and more popular among modern days tech workers.

But actually, writing for yourself to clear thoughts is an old practice that dates back to ancient times.

Particularly, stoic philosophers like Epictetus or the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius were enthusiastic journalers.

Marcus Aurelius’ famous “Meditations” is actually a bundle of journaling entries written by him over a span of almost 20 years. In fact, he never intended to publish them.

In today’s world journaling is moving into the electronic world: Apps like Obsidian, Evernote, or Notion provide good setups to start journaling. While some people still prefer pen & paper, apps come with the advantage of providing unlimited journaling space and making it easier to find your old entries again.

With his Stoic Life Journal Template for Notion young digital creator, Pascio is now combining the Stoic journaling tradition with modern-day’s technology.

Is this a good Notion journaling template, and does it really make sense to journal like a Roman Emperor? Lets’ find out!

Honest Notion Template Review: The Stoic Life Journal by Pascio

Stoic Phrases

When opening the template you are greeted with a board view database called “My Phrases”:

Here you can insert motivational phrases to important life topics like death, work, misfortune, justice, temptation, anger, or love. Some of those categories are prefilled by Pascio, but it is probably meant…



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