The best 99+ NotionTemplates for every use-case

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Are you looking for the best Notion templates from creators like Easlo, Pascio, Maria Poulin, or Thomas Frank? Don’t look further!

I have curated a list of more than 99 Notion Templates for all kinds of categories. Some are for business, others for university or personal life.

Some are free templates but others are premium templates.

This list can serve as a starting point for your personal Notion workspace.

Use the templates as inspiration, or purchase the templates of your choice to speed up the building process.

Business and Project Management Notion Templates

Notion can serve as a powerful project management tool, that puts competing tools like Asana to shame. The following section provides Notion templates for solepreneurs, small businesses, or large corporations.

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Business Plan Workspace: Build a Business Plan in Notion and share it with investors.

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FREELANCER OS COMPASS: Project Management Template and Dashboard for Freelancers

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Notion Freelancer OS by Easlo: Manage your entire freelance business in Notion.

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Notion Invoice Template by Will: Create your invoices in Notion.

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One Page Project Manager: Manage all your projects in one Notion page

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Remote OS by Daniel Canosa: Manage your remote company inside of Notion

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Ultimate Project Manager by Pascio: A project management template made to plan, organize and keep track of projects.

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Getting Things Done (GTD) Dashboard by Easlo: Use the famous GTD method to boost your productivity.

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