The best Notion Newsletter Template?

The Newsletter Wizard


This is a review of the Newsletter Wizard by Notion Punk. The latest Notion newsletter Template on the market.

Notion is an incredibly powerful project management and productivity tool that enables individuals and teams to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. With its highly configurable blocks, compatibility with other applications, and user-friendly design, Notion is the ideal choice for anybody trying to become more productive, organized, and creative in their work.

Notion can be employed for a lot of different objectives, including creating newsletters. This review will be assessing the Newsletter Wizard developed by Notion Punk. This is my second review of a Notion-based newsletter and email marketing template; a few months ago, I was evaluating the Email Architect Template by Pascio.

The Newsletter Wizard promises to organize, manage and write your Newsletters 2x faster in Notion. According to Notion Punk, it is an all-in-one Newsletter writing system that lets you craft, manage, organize and grow your newsletter from one place — faster than ever before.

This template let you compose, manage, and organize your newsletter in Notion. It’s an all-in-one system for crafting, managing, organizing, and developing your newsletters with speed. According to Notion Punk, it can help you write your newsletters twice as fast.

Let’s see if he is right!

First Impression of the Newsletter Wizard for Notion

My first impression was overwhelmingly positive. Mostly, because this template comes with tons of templates and guides, which as a product alone would justify the price.

So, let’s dive into the functionalities of the template. When you arrive at the landing page, you are greeted by four columns called:

  • Creation: Everything you need for inspiration or saving your own ideas.
  • Management: See the status of your newsletter drafts, schedule your campaigns, or delegate…



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