The Power Of Habit Streaks

Break Bad Habits With My New Notion Template


I have created a Habit Streak Template for Notion: Get the template -25% off on Gumroad by clicking on this link. In the following post, I will explain to you, how to get rid of bad habits, and how my Notion template can help you in the process.

What are habits?

“Habits are mental shortcuts learned from experience” — James Clear

In a way, they are, simply, reliable solutions to recurring problems in our environment.

This is true for both: positive habits like checking your pockets for your key before leaving the house, or negative habits like drinking a beer after work. The first one is a mental program that prevents you from locking yourself out, the second is a simple solution to cope with stress at work.

Due to this automation effect, we have to exert less mental effort in everyday life and thus have more leisure to take care of the really important things in our life.

But often it’s not the lack of good habits in our lives that prevents us from becoming the best version of ourselves.


Usually, we sabotage our journey because of our tendency to stick to destructive habits:

  • Overconsumption of coffee
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Getting high on weed every day
  • Binging adult entertainment on the internet

All of those things are probably harmless if done in a restrained manner. However, some people are prone to binging when they start taking certain substances or engaging in certain activities.

And if you have ever tried to get rid of a bad habit, you are definitely aware of how difficult this is.

What causes bad habits?

Breaking bad habits takes time and effort.

Interestingly, most people start trying to break their habits without knowing why they are doing certain things in the first place.

Oftentimes they simply use this habit to better deal with an underlying problem like:



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