The rise of web3 is not only inevitable, it is necessary

Philipp Stelzel - Digital Creator
5 min readDec 14, 2021
Joshua Sortino

Can you remember the good ol’ times of Web1?

We had static pages. You could only read, the interaction with web pages was limited, and the few images and videos needed eternities to load.

The 00s were the dawning of Web2:

Now we got interactive and dynamic websites. Instead of just reading the content you could also create your own content without using HTML and CSS.

Posting pictures and videos on the internet became increasingly popular and it was the time when the internet finally reached the mainstream.

We also saw the rise of the centrally owned web giants that offered services for free but controlled and owned your data.

They could afford their free services because their core business consisted in fact of selling your data to other companies.

The main problem of web2:

You don’t control the algorithms and don’t own your own data.

You believe that you are getting services for free, but don’t realize that you are harvested for data by the web giants.

In the 90s the internet promised us freedom and equality, but instead, we got top-down control and inequality.

You might remember the old motto of Google: Don’t be evil. In 2015 this was changed to “Do the right thing”.

The right thing for whom we might ask?

Instead of beeing decentralized, web2 is now heavily centralized: And the main problem of centralized systems is, that they always get corrupted with time.


Because the incentive for humans is just too big to deviate from the long-term vision to win short-term gains.

We see this effect playing out with central banks and money that are now under attack by new technologies like Bitcoin. But something similar is also going on with the Silicon Valley giants and their data-harvesting services.

They are under attack from new Web3 technologies: However, this revolution is just starting, therefore a lot of this development is still just happening under the surface.

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